What’s going on in Audit and Control?

Under the leadership of Comptroller BMW the Investment and Debt Management Division presented a City of Buffalo Capital Budget Informational Session which was well attended by top Governmental Representatives. The presentation was conducted by Gregg Szymanski, Investment and Debt manager, Delano Dowell, Special Assistant to the Comptroller, Pam Tyler-Swygert, Principal Auditor, Lenny Tempestoso, Jr., Resource Development Technician. The Comptrollers intent for hosting the session was to collectively review all documents required by the Department of Audit and Control to expedite the implementation of the approved Capital Projects in a timely manner.

Capital Budget 1Capital Budget 2

On January 2, 2020 I was sworn in as the First African American Woman elected city wide to serve as the Comptroller for the City of Buffalo.


I was so proud to take part in the Department of Audit and Control Holiday Party. It has been such a joy to be the City of Buffalo Comptroller. Congratulations to all staff involved for hosting a wonderful event. Everyone in attendance had a great time!

Holiday Party 2019 -Holiday Party 2019 -2Holiday Party 2019 -3

Holiday Party 2019 -4Holiday Party 2019 -5Holiday Party 2019 -6

Comptroller Barbara Miller-Williams and Staff attending the NYGFOA Responsible/ Knowledgeable/Accountable Western Holiday Seminar

BMW and Edward Hutton, CFA Associate ProfessorBMW and NYGFOABMW and Director of Professional Services with NYS GFOA

The Department of Audit and Control presented an informational training session regarding the City of Buffalo Comprehensive Annual Financial Report ending June 30, 2019. Several Buffalo Common Council Officials,  Commissioner of Administration and Finance and Council Central Staff were in attendance. The presentation was conducted by Delano Dowell Sr., Special Assistant to Comptroller and William Ferguson, City Accountant. For more information on the CAFR go to the Transparency tab and Financial Reports on our website 

CAFR Info. Session

This afternoon Comptroller Barbara Miller-Williams hosted the 1st Annual City of Buffalo Discretionary Fund Policy Training which was presented by the Department of Audit and Control Staff to the Common Council members and their representatives. The training provided additional guidance on the issuance and expenditures of community discretionary funds.

d. FUNDS 4d. FUNDS 3d. FUNDS 2d. FUNDS 1

As the Comptroller, I was glad to be able to bring a Bond Issuance Roles and Responsibilities 101 training today to City Hall with Hawkins Delafield and Wood LLP. Everyone expressed it was very informative. I will continue to be transparent and informative to the citizens of Buffalo


Today I attended the 2020 City of Buffalo capital improvement program (CIP) kick off meeting in City Hall.
 As the Comptroller I listen to the project requests of the Citizens Planning Council (CPC) and see if we can fiscally and responsibly increased or decrease the 2020 debt budget cap based off the number of submissions by the community 


Our office had the distinct pleasure of participating in the My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) Male Academy Scholars to Buffalo City Hall with staff Delano Dowell Sr. TUESDAY, AUGUST 6th. I’d like to THANK YOU ALL for your kind words and advice given to the mentee (Antwan). I really feel he enjoyed himself and has a better perspective of the functions of Buffalo City Hall.

 MBK Male Academy is part of a continued effort to build an equitable and inclusive City  of Opportunity for all people, including boys and young men of color, ensuring all youth can reach their full potential.

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