A Letter to City Employees

October 29th, 2021

Dear City of Buffalo Employees:

We are aware that you may have received a letter from a mayoral candidate concerning the employment status of Exempt and Non-Exempt staff employed by The City of Buffalo.

Please be advised that I did not authorize release of any employee name and address information nor was I aware that you would be receiving correspondence concerning employment status. The names and home addresses of current or former employees are not publicly available pursuant to Public Officers Law, Section 89 (7).

As administrators of the City's payroll, it is imperative that we maintain the confidentiality and security of individuals' personal information. Any employee disclosing private information to outside individuals or groups without proper authorization is in direct violation of standard business practices. If you are or become aware of any violation of this practice, please inform your immediate supervisor.

Should you have any additional questions and/or concerns regarding my efforts to protect all personally identifiable information in the Department of Audit and Control's possession, please contact Deputy Comptroller Delano Dowell, Sr. at 851-4987. As always, stay safe and stay healthy!


Barbara Miller-Williams,